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⏳ We live in a fast paced world looking for quick fixes to our ailments while little consideration is given to the process of convalescence.

🏥 GP Gavin Francis has highlighted some very interesting points on the process of recovering from illness, and the need to respect the process of healing.

Below are a few quotes from the article.

🛌 "illness is not simply a matter of biology, but also one of belief, psychology and sociology. The ways we get ill are as much about culture as they are about disease, and our ideas and expectations of the body profoundly influence the ways in which we fall ill, and the ways we recover. "

🧘‍♀️ "The word “rehabilitation” comes from the Latin habilis, meaning, among other things, “apt” or “fit”, and carries the sense of restoration: “To stand, make or be firm again.” The aim of rehabilitation, then, should be to make someone as fit as they can be – to stand on their own feet if they’re able, and to recover as much mobility and independence as possible if they are not."

⚕ "The word “physician” can be rooted back to the Greek physis, meaning “nature”, and phuo, which means “to grow”. Just like a plant, what we need in order to grow back into wholeness is a “regime” of the right nutrients, the right environment and the right attitude – and to be left in peace. This attitude to recovery has been crowded out in modern medicine because it takes time."

Read the full article here


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